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Bob Riceman

Aug 2005 - Before retiring after 20 years as a Field Construction Superintendent with ABB Randal Corporation out of Houston, Texas, Bob was often away from home working in many states and overseas. Here he is pictured supervising a job for Khalda Oil in Western Desert, Egypt in 1989.
Photo of Bob Riceman in Western Desert, Egypt, in 1989


Photo of Bob Riceman's restored 1958 Dodge truck
Aug 2005 - Bob says "It has given me much pleasure to restore old vehicles and show them at car shows and drive them in parades. They each become a big part of my life. The comments I get from onlookers at the shows and parades are priceless." Bob’s restored '58 Dodge truck pictured here won several awards.


Aug 2005 - In 2005 Bob sold his '62 restored Studebaker and says, "They each become a big part of my life. It takes me a while to get over one when I sell it and move on to the next."

How about it Bob... What is your next project going to be?
Photo of Bob Ricemans's restored 1962 Studebaker

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