MHS '53 - 1952 Line O' Type - Cheerleader Squad


"It's just wonderful," and "We'll do our best" were the general comments of the five thrilled and excited girls picked to lead the cheering for the Maroons this year.

Although "scared stiff" during tryouts, seniors Sally Youngren, Reeda Marx, and LaRue Reuter, seniors, and Leona Polecek and Cheryl Wall, juniors, have all had plenty of experience. All the girls are enthusiastic and determined to give their all to form a squad of which Moline can be proud.

Reeda Marx names football, basketball, baseball, and bowling her favorite sports. She is 5' 2 1/2" tall, has long brown hair and blue eyes. Playing the piano and bowling are two of her hobbies. Reeda enjoys musical productions, which rate high among her school activities. A cheerleader at Coolidge for three years, she also served as substitute her sophomore year at J. D. and her junior year at Moline high.

Leona Polecek, an enthusiastic junior who "just loves" high school, claims that making the squad was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to her. Leona was a cheerleader all four of her years at John Deere. She is 5' 4", blue-eyed and blonde. Swimming is tops with her although she likes all other sports.

LaRue Reuter, a regular on the squad while a junior, stated she would try to do twice as well this year as she did last year. "Lou" has dark hair, green eyes and stands 5' 7" tall. Basketball rates as her favorite sport. Cheerleading, G.A.A., and duties as junior class officer took up most of LaRue's time last year.

Cheryl Wall, literally thrilled to tears over the outcome of tryouts, says she only hopes she can live up to it. Hazel-eyed, brown-haired Cheryl is 5' 2" tall. She was an active cheerleader at Coolidge her last two years. Football is Cheryl's favorite sport, and she decided "anything eatable" is her favorite food.

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