Moline High School - Class of '53

65th Reunion -
Oh What Fun

Pat (Minteer) Clopton said it best...

We came to Johnny's Steak House, Oakwood Country Club and the Windmill Restaurant to make memories. 65 is that possible? Would we remember those faces from our past...would they remember ours?

These words filtered throughout the weekend as we embraced our strolls down memory lane:
"..Remember when we used to...?"
"What ever happened to...?"
"What store used to be on that corner?"
"Have you gone to Whitey's, Maid-Rite, Lago's?"

A video collage of past reunions was presented — the faces of the Moline High School class of 1953...smiling, aging and fun loving. Teary eyes as the faces of those no longer with us swept by. We relived those moments in time with nods and smiles..."oh yes, how I remember."

Hugs were exchanged — the currency of long treasured friendships. We lingered, not wanting to say our goodbyes. There wasn't enough many more stories to tell, laughs to share, feelings to experience.

How fortunate we are to have been a member of the MHS class of '53. We've experienced a unique closeness like no other class, with friendships that have thrived and endured throughout our life journeys.

Until we meet again...may our lives be enriched with memories of 'The Way We Were.'


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