Moline High School - Class of '53

Grade 5, Lincoln School

Back Row: #1-Paul Stewart, #2-Eddie Ehrgott, #3-Marian Prosser, #4-Bill Wiemer, #5-Clifford Franklin, #6-Jack Snyder
Third Row: #7-Eugene McCullough, #8-Herman Zimmerman, #9-Jerry Doerr, #10-Fritz Johnson, #11-Bob "Skip" Brink
Second Row: #12-Doris Larson, #13-Janet Swanson, #14-Audrey Liljigren, #15-Marlo Moore, #16-Betty Van De Velde, #17-Marjorie Clemmons
Front Row: #18-Joan Wilder, #19-Nancy MeCaughan, # 20-Natalie Hogberg


Elmer and wife Laura (Loete) Rummans submitted this picture from the Moline Dispatch. Elmer says the "Buddies" enlisted on May 24th, 1954.

Laura laughs and says she loved the way the paper called Elmer Rummans, left, Tom Bergendahl, center and Jim Monteyne, right, "Boys."


This Moline Daily Dispatch photo, taken August 20, 1954, shows the four fellows as they waited for their plane at the Moline airport. Frank and Paul were assigned to an aircraft carrier, the USS Kula Gulf, and Herb was assigned to Class A Electronics School at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois. He later served aboard a repair ship, the USS Amphion, stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. Pete, a Rock Island friend, was assigned to a destroyer out of Norfolk, Virginia.


This Dispatch photo shows professional dancer and sophomore student Sally Youngren (center front) working with the amateur dancers that would be preforming the Hula routine in the Calvin Coolidge 1951 revue, "Hit the deck." The other students names are listed beneath the photo.


When looking up the hill from the back windows of the old Block & Kuhl building, it is obvious that our beloved Annex is no longer there. Fond memories still linger of times spent at the "REK".


This information comes from an E mail that Pat (Minteer) Clopton) wrote after visiting our old MHS High School in May of 2007.

Some pictures of the high school have been included. The two to the left are views from 16th street hill.

Pat wrote, "While I was in the QC, after having lunch with Dick's brother and sisters at the John Deere Pavilion, I drove through downtown Moline, trying to remember the old landmarks,  I then drove up 16th street hill to the "Old School" which is now loft apartments. I drove through the alley and parked where the Rek had been. I sat there for a few minutes smiling and remembering how much we loved the Rek. I took a chance and walked in the building for a look.  I figured they probably wouldn't arrest a little old lady with a good story about having gone to school there in the dark ages.  They've done a remarkable job of restoring the building.  The hallways and stairs are carpeted in grey, the walls pale yellow with turquoise trim.  The stairs are separated from the hallways with doors and the railings appear to be the originals that have been sanded and refinished. There are electrical rooms where the boys and girls bathrooms were on the landings.  The doors to the auditorium were locked (darn.) Where the cafeteria and bookstore were downstairs, everything has been walled up and made into apartments.  There are apartment numbers on all the doors which were formerly classrooms.  As I walked through the 3 floors, I saw all of you, where my locker was, where I waited for friends in the morning...I couldn't stop smiling, the memories were vivid and wonderful...all these 50-some years later, we were all there." 

Pat added, "I'm so glad I stopped to see our "Old School." It will always be a part of our lives."


The photo to the left is the high school viewed from where the Annex building stood that housed our beloved "Rek."There is an addition on the top of the building that now contains an apartment. The photo on the right is the main entrance at the front of the school.


Ah! The PX on 23rd Ave in Highland. The looks of the building have changed but the fun times spent there are not forgotten.



Stan Egemo shares this picture of himself taken in June of 1954 near Lake Michigan when he and a friend drove to Chicago for the day. Stan also comments, "Oh, it was my car -- 1951 Olds 98 Holiday Sedan. Funny green in color."



Rene Van De Sompele came across this 1957 picture of himself and his 1941 Aeronca "Chief" while going through some old photos. Rene wrote “When Rich Husson came out of the Army he thought it would be cool to learn to fly. Shortly after we bought the plane Rich got married so I virtually became the sole owner. I flew out of a grass field in Barstow where the plane was kept."


Shirley Smarsty shares some time with 5 of her classmates as they admire her rings on her wedding day. From left to right they are Ellie Lindmark, Glorianna Luckenbihl, Shirley, Alice Youngren, Jeanine Lyons and Barb Van Acker.


Dick & Shirley (Smarsty) Barker

Happy 50th Anniversary

12/31/55 - 12/31/05


Paul & LaVelle (Metz) Stewart

Happy 50th Anniversary

9/22/56 - 9/22/06


Keith & Betty (Van De Velde) Ferrier

Happy 50th Anniversary

6/23/56 - 6/23/06


Ted & Dorothy (Verhelst) Zaleski

Happy 50th Anniversary

8/21/54 - 8/21/04


Twila & George Braden

Happy 25th Anniversary

7/24/87 - 7/24/12


Herb & Joye (Hamm) Malmstrom

Happy 50th Anniversary

12/21/54 - 12/21/04

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