By Haun, Atchley, Blackburn, Burchett, Burks, Carter, Clabough, Cohen, Cooper, Crowe, Crutchfield, Davis, Dixon, Elsea, Ford, Fowler, Graves, Harper, Haynes, Henry, Herron, Jackson, Kurita, Kyle, McNally, Miller, Norris, Person, Ramsey, Rochelle, Trail, Williams,
Mr. Speaker Wilder


          A RESOLUTION To designate the Gulf Tract in Cocke County as the “Martha Sundquist State Forest.”

          WHEREAS, Martha Sundquist has represented the esteemed position of Tennessee’s First Lady and the citizens of our great state with grace, humility, strength and distinction for nearly eight years; and

          WHEREAS, Mrs. Sundquist has selflessly devoted her time, energy and duties as First Lady to improving the health care and education of Tennessee’s children, especially at-risk children, by supporting the Governor’s Reading Initiative and other literacy programs, child immunization, assistance to school nurses, and the leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free Initiative; and

          WHEREAS, Mrs. Sundquist has labored tirelessly on behalf of women’s health issues by joining the organizing committee of “America Walks for Strong Women” to benefit the National Osteoporosis Foundation, helping to raise breast cancer awareness, and by helping to launch the American Legacy Foundation’s “Great Start” campaign to help pregnant women stop smoking; and

          WHEREAS, Mrs. Sundquist served as spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s “Pick Tennessee Products” campaign to help improve local economies and markets for Tennessee farmers and forestland owners by increasing awareness by consumers of the availability of locally grown and processed food, fiber, and other agricultural and forest products; and

          WHEREAS, Mrs. Sundquist has committed herself as Tennessee’s First Lady to help promote community service, historical preservation, conservation and beautification by serving on the National Advisory Council for The Hermitage, the Tennessee Commission on National and Community Service, the Tennessee Conservation Commission, the Governor’s Council on Greenways and Trails, and the Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs, and by supporting the state’s wildflower program and serving as honorary Chair of the Tennessee Looks Good To Me Initiative; and

          WHEREAS, Mrs. Sundquist’s loyal service to her husband, family, and the citizens of the great State of Tennessee is a testament to her faith, compassion, generosity and dedication, and serves as an admirable example for all Tennesseans to follow; now, therefore,

          BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE ONE HUNDRED SECOND GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING, That it is a proper and fitting tribute to recognize the lasting contribution and service of Martha Sundquist to the citizens of Tennessee.

          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That Tennessee’s 14th State Forest, as managed by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry, as the newest addition to the State Forest system in more than 50 years, currently referred to as the Gulf Tract, and being a parcel of forestland in Cocke County, adjacent to the Cherokee National Forest, shall hereafter be known and referred to as the “Martha Sundquist State Forest.”

          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That an enrolled copy of this resolution be transmitted to Martha Sundquist, Governor Don Sundquist, the Commissioner of Agriculture, and the Chair of the Tennessee Forestry Commission.

ADOPTED: May 29, 2002

APPROVED this 5th day of June 2002