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George Braden

Sept 2005 - George was working as a roofer for a company in Peoria, when he fell off of a one story roof in Gridley, IL, on Nov. 18, 1993. This accident forced him into early retirement, as it left him paralyzed from the waist down. He spent 5 weeks in rehab at RIC, in Chicago. George did not let this slow him down for long, and in March of 1994, he and Twila flew to Hawaii with their best friends, to visit a stepdaughter and her family.

George continues to be upbeat and very involved in his community of Bloomington, IL. He has served on many boards and committees, including Community Action, Bloomington Planning Commission, Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities, Lif-Cil, and Parish Life, to name a few. He exercises daily, riding a three-wheeled bike about 7 miles.
Photo of George Braden on three-wheeler


Photo of George Braden fishing
Sept 2005 - George works on many projects in his garage, most recently making a footrest for his father-in-law's new power wheelchair.

George also enjoys fishing, and has an Argo that he can take from land to the water ( kind of like an army duck).

May 2009 - For the past three years, George has had a little lawn mower tune up & repair business in his garage. He puts a business card in his neighborhood newsletter and hands out business cards when he's riding his bike on the trail. His business has grown and he has regular customers who come back each year.


Sept 2005 - George and Twila spend a couple months in Florida, usually January and February, and take many side trips, in between.

Here George celebrates his 70th birthday with a cake Twila baked for him.
Photo of George Bradens and Twila

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