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Jim Gale

March 2007 - Jim met a long time goal February 18th, 2007 when he successfully reached the 19,340 ft. summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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Jim Sabaski

Dec 2006 - Jim lived in a small house near the Moline Airport his parents built before he was born. He started his schooling in the two room Mound View School.

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LaVelle (Metz) Stewart

Aug 2006 - It is hard to write about LaVelle (Metz) Stewart and not mention her husband, Paul Stewart, since so much of the time in junior high and high school, they were together...

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Paul Stewart

Aug 2006 - Paul Stewart and LaVelle (Metz) have been together for a long time and married for the last 50 years of that time...

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George Braden

Sept 2005 - George was working as a roofer for a company in Peoria, when he fell off of a one story roof in Gridley, IL, on Nov. 18, 1993. This accident forced him into early retirement...

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Pat (Minteer) Clopton

Sept 2005 - After living in Chicago for 20 years, Pat returned to the Quad Cities. She retired from the former Mercy Hospital...

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Reeda (Marx) Vozikis

Aug 2005 - Reeda enjoyed playing the piano, bowling, musical productions and other school activities, but cheerleading...

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Joye (Hamm) Malmstrom

Aug 2005 - Joye says one of her favorite comments is, "Computers. . .Love to Hate them." However, you have to wonder if that is really true...

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Bob Riceman

Aug 2005 - Before retiring after 20 years as a Field Construction Superintendent with ABB Randal Corporation out of Houston, Texas, Bob was often away from home...

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Rene Van De Sompele

July 2005 - Rene takes great pleasure in singing with the Issaquah Chorale group in Issaquah, Washington. The outfit and his own beard...

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Laura (Loete) Rummans

July 2005 - Laura works 24 hours a week for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. She places volunteers in over 100 different, not for profit organizations...

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Herb Malmstrom

July 2005 - In 1983, Herb put in many hours training in order to run the 26.2 mile St. Louis marathon. It was one of his more memorable and fun running experiences...

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