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Jim Sabaski

Dec 2006 - First through sixth grades were in one room with seventh and eighth grades in the other room. Since the school was near the airport, Jim says, "Whenever someone fired up an airplane, everyone ran to the windows, even the teacher, to see what was going on."

From second through sixth grades, Jim went to Willard School on 16th Street. Jim later attended Coolidge Jr High and then MHS.

Jim, now retired from McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis, and his wife, Carol, enjoy traveling and camping in their Casita Camper.

Photo of Jim Sabaski's Casita

Photo of casita_2

Dec 2006 - Jim and Carol traveled to the Quad Cities in late October, 2006, and camped at the Corps of Engineers' campground in Hampton. They camped right on the river and Jim says, "The weather was a bit cool; in fact there were snow flurries in the air the morning we left. At least we had electric power and a heater in the camper so we were snug as a couple of bugs."

Jim added, "Of course, while there we had to visit Whitey's for some of their fabulous ice cream."


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