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Pat (Minteer) Clopton

Sept 2005 - After living in Chicago for 20 years, Pat returned to the Quad Cities. She retired from the former Mercy Hospital and she and Dick moved to Ft. Myers, FL.

There, she became involved in the theater, first tap dance, then directing, producing and performing in the community where she lives.
Photo of Pat (Minteer) Clopton in "Plaza Suite"
In formal gown from "Plaza Suite"


Photo of Pat (Minteer) Clopton in "Barefoot in the Park"
On stage in fur coat from "Barefoot in the Park"
Sept 2005 - She moved on to other theaters in the area, both professional and non-equity. This was followed by an occasional TV commercial or programs whenever they needed an "Older Character Actress."


Sept 2005 - Pat says 'By now, I've played so many "Mother" roles, that half the young actors in the area call me "Mom."
Photo of Pat (Minteer) Clopton in "Shattered"
In wig, full make-up and costume for Irish Charwoman in "Shattered", which opens Oct, 2005


Photo of Pat (Minteer) Clopton and Dick Clopton
Dick and Pat

Sept 2005 - Pat says, "The past 15 months Dick and I have been actively involved in his battle with cancer."

"I'm so lucky to have been a member of the MHS class of '53...what wonderful friends."

(Dick lost his battle with cancer on April 1, 2007. He is missed.)

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